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Ivy Wall

Artificial Ivy Wall
Installation Miami

At Beautiful-turf of South Florida we know that if you are into golf then you know you have to put a lot of time into perfecting your putt. What better way to improve your game than to install your very own putting green into your home? By having our skilled turf installation team install a putting green in your Miami home, you will save money in the long run by saving gas on trips to the fairway and saving green fees. You will also have your very own source of entertainment available anytime and an activity to do during gatherings.

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Artificial Wall?

No matter what kind of building you own, a vertical garden or an artificial plant wall can make it stand out. With an artificial plant wall, you’ll get the same effect as a real one without spending as much money or time on the project. Artificial plant walls are easy to maintain, because once you’ve decided on the placement and design, there’s little upkeep required. In addition, there are many reasons to install an artificial plant wall. Maybe you live in a small apartment and want to give it a sense of life. Perhaps you manage a resort and want to make an indoor space more relaxing. Or maybe you own a business and are looking for another way to attract customers.
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